Top 7 things to do in Tansen


Tansen, the beautiful town, standing tall in the western hills of Nepal. It’s the administrative headquarter of Palpa District. Although small by area but it has more to offer. The ancient town with cultural and historical importance has breathe-taking scenery with pleasant climate which welcomes you wholeheartedly. So, explore this gorgeous hill station which lies between Pokhara and Lumbini.  Here are the lists of top 7 things to do in Tansen.

1.      Stroll Around Tansen
Tansen has some reflection of Kathmandu which can clearly be seen in their buildings and stone paved alleys. Houses built in Newari architecture and celebration of Newari-Jatras (festivals) makes you feel little bit of Kathmandu. Some typical street names and places of Kathmandu such as Basantapur, Asan, Makhan Tole , Ganeshthan, as well as Tudhikhel are also in Tansen. You can just go around the town and have mini-Kathmandu experience.
View of Tansen from Tudhikhel

In the middle of main square of Tansen, there is a two-storey white building called ‘Shital Pati’ also known as ‘Ghol Ghar’. This building was used as the place for organizing public functions in early days; now used as locals for meet-up place. You can sit inside this octagonal shaped building: rest, relax and enjoy the hustle-bustle of the town.

2.      Walk to Baggi Dhoka and Tansen Durbar
As you walk towards the south of Sitalpati, you can see a big gate known as ‘Baggi Dhoka’. The Newari craftsmanship can be seen on this gate with excellent wood carvings. This gate leads towards the ‘Tansen Durbar’. The history of ‘Tansen Durbar’ dates back to 1927 A.D (1983 B.S) which was built by Pratap Shumsher who was Commander in Chief of Western Region during that period. 
Tansen Durbar (Image Source: )

The red and white colored building with green doors and windows which also has courtyard inside is built in Rana- style architecture. Tansen Durbar was destroyed in Maosit attack in 2006 A.D. Now it has been rebuilt and it functions as a museum.

3.      Enjoy the Scenic View from Shreenagar Danda/ Shreenagar Hill
Shreenagar Danda is located up-hill from main town of Tansen. Almost like 30 minutes walk towards north of  Tansen takes you towards this amazing hill surrounded by Pine trees. The town of Tansen and green plains of Maadi Valley can be viewed from Shreenagar Hill. Additionally, one can also have panoramic view of Ganesh  Himal , Langtang and Dhaulagiri from  Shreenagar hill in a clear day.

4.      Visit Pilgrimage Sites of Tansen
There are many temples in Tansen with historical importance. One of them is the ‘Bhagwati Temple’ which was built by Col. Ujir Singh Thapa to celebrate the victory over the British-Indian troops. The Goddess ‘Bhagwati’ is worshiped in this temple. During August, this temple celebrates its biggest festival called ‘Bhagwati Jatra’. People from different parts of Palpa come to visit this temple; they sing, worship and dance in this festival. 
Amar Narayan Temple ( Image Source:
The ‘Amar Narayan Temple’ is also most worshipped temple in Tansen. The God Vishnu is worshipped in this temple. This temple was built by Genral Amar Singh Thapa. This temple is built in three storey pagoda style building. Every evening, this temple performs ‘Arati’ ( Prayer); you can come here to worship and be a part of evening prayer. 
5.      Hike to Rani Mahal
Rani Mahal
Rani Mahal can be reached within 3-4 hours of walk down from ‘Batasey Danda’ of Tansen. On the way to Rani Mahal there are few settlements; one can enjoy beautiful forest and water streams. Rani Mahal is located in the bank of Kali Gandaki river. ‘Rani Mahal’ popurlay known as ‘Taj Mahal’ of  Nepal. Rani Mahal was built in 1893 B.S by General Khadga  Shmsher   Rana as a memorial for his death wife. This palace has very elegant outlook. The environment around the palace is magnificent. The upper flowing of Kali Gandaki river in this region also has religious and spiritual importance. 

Beautiful Kali Gandaki River Flowing by the side of Rani Mahal

6.      Explore the Mystic Beauty of Bhairabsthan Temple

Bhairabsthan Temple (Image Source: )
To the west-north of Tansen there lies the Bhairabsthan temple. It’s almost 10km far from Tansen. The temple of Bhairabsthan is on the top of small hill which provides wonderful scenery. The main attraction of this temple is the big Trishul (Trident) which is situated in the front part of this temple. Animal sacrifice is also done in this temple by the visitors as the offering to the God Bhairab.
7.      Shop Organic Coffee and Local Crafts
Palpa is widely known for its organic coffee in recent days. And this organic coffee can easily found in Tansen.Palpa is famous for hand-loomed fabric called ‘Dhaka’. Various products made from Dhaka fabric such as ‘Dhaka Topi’ (Nepali Cap), Scarf, bag, purse, and slippers can be found in local shops in Tansen. So products from ‘Dhaka’ fabric can be good souvenir from Tansen.

Women weaving ‘Dhaka’ fabric (Image Source: )
Besides ‘Dhaka’, Tansen is also famous for metal utensil such as ‘Karuwa’ (Water-Jug) and ‘Aunti’ (Newari Jug – used for serving home-made alcohol).  Except these two products; other traditional metal utensils are also manufactured in Tansen.

How to reach Tansen
By Bus : It takes around 8 to 10 hours by Bus from Kathmandu.
By Air:  Through Air- there are regular flights from Kathmandu to Bhairahawa which takes 45 minutes. And from Bhairahawa -Bus, Car, Van can be taken for drive to Tansen. It takes around 2.5 hours.
From Pokhara:   It takes around 4 to 5 hours of drive from Pokhara to Tansen.

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