Mama's Yogurt Organic Kefir for Healthy and Glowing -Body, Face and Hair


I had never heard about Kefir earlier.  Lately, I've been seeing some of the posts about Mama’s Yogurt, who has been producing: cultured Kefir, Kefir face mask and kefir hair mask for quite a while.  

What is Kefir
Kefir is basically a fermented drink which is made from milk. It can be made from both dairy and non-dairy milk. There are similarities in taste between yogurt and Kefir. But they are made differently. And they also differ in consistency. Kefir is lactose-free unlike yogurt. Kefir has thin consistency compared to yogurt. Regarding the nutrition, Kefir has plenty of nutrition comprising of vitamins, calcium, magnesium and potassium.  Kefir is really good for the gut and it has many health benefits. 

Kefir has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties - so it works great on treating and healing Rosacea, Eczema and Acne. Similarly, Kefir contains natural AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid). AHA is very beneficial to skin. Because it helps to produce collagen, has anti-ageing properties and it also helps to balance out good bacteria required for the skin in removing the dead cells and making the skin glow. 

For the hair care- Kefir helps to fight against scalp infection and dandruff. As dandruff is one of the root causes of hair fall. So Kefir work as anti-hair fall agent and promoting the hair growth.  

My Experience with Mama's Yogurt Organic Kefir Products:
(Mama’s Yogurt product is made from dairy product)

Kefir Cultured Drink

This Cultured Kefir drink has sour-tart taste. I drank it as my morning drink.  At the same time,  I mixed this kefir drink with rice-flakes and ate it as afternoon snacks. Since, I’m lactose intolerant, everything made from dairy except ghee makes me mad. Especially, I feel bloated when I consume dairy products. This Kefir did not make me feel bloated. I would love to have it in upcoming days as well.

Kefir Oatmeal Face Mask
Oatmeal with Honey has always been my favorite face mask, since couple of years. But this was my first time experience of using oatmeal with Kefir and also mixed with turmeric powder. Regarding the application, I firstly cleansed my face with cleanser and then applied this mask all over my face. I was expecting the consistency to be thick but it was kind of watery. However, it held well on the skin. I can feel the oats granules in the mask. I had kind of tingling feeling during my first application but not like the burning sensation. I applied it for 20 minutes. Then gently splashed water on my face and slowly exfoliated and cleansed the mask properly. With 3rd or 4th times of application, I can feel my skin to be soft and see some glow to my skin. This mask is suitable for all skin-types; it made my skin moisturized and not tight.

Kefir Hair Mask

Honestly, I cannot talk much about this Hair Mask .Because I have very long and thick hair; so I was only able to use this mask once. However, with only one time application of this mask; I can say that it did good job in conditioning my hair. I think I need try few more times to see the effective result of this mask.

Other Details
I simply loved the packaging of Mama’s Yogurt product. It has earthy vibes. All of the products are being packaged in glass container rather than in plastic which is really good preference of this business.All in all I had a good experience in using all the products from Mama’s Yogurt.

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