Planning 2018 With Bhav Planner


Although I use my phone for keeping up my schedules; because its handy. However, I always have the urge to write it down in pages. I have several notebooks as I have multiple projects going on and off. With start of 2018; I had made up my mind to have organized work-life balance. So, I brought myself Bhav Planner as my 2018 birthday gift. Talking about Bhav, it is a Nepalese brand which produces planner, notebooks, notepads, cards, badges, stickers and tote bags. I love to support local brands and would like to encourage to purchase local products as far as possible. Because, it’s not only about the product but buying local promotes employment and support the GDP.

Talking about this planner; it’s a package in one notebook. It has calendar which includes both English and Nepalese calendar. Oh! Yes, we Nepalese do have Nepali calendar. I love the achievement section in this planner which is sub-categorized for all months.  I love this section because this section motivates me to achieve more in my life. This planner is separated by each month which starts from January and ends to December. Each month has to-do list, notes, day-to day planning section. Every planning pages comprise of calendar. 

To sum it up; this planner is just WOW. Very simple to use and makes the planning job hassle free. A must buy <3 . 
You can purchase it at Bhav store or you can also buy it through their website: . Sometimes, they also have great deals, so check their website to  grab it . 

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