Luxury Ayurveda Ubtan For Glowing Skin


Being Owl for 2 weeks due to my work; it clearly showed on my skin. Especially on my forehead, I can see a breakout and it’s huge. With the lesson learned, I don’t strip my skin with harsh products when breakouts is seen. I have stopped to use facial oil and will continue for few weeks! There are few Nepalese beauty brands; with my research, clean beauty products is only few. Laavanya Luxury Ayurveda is a Nepalese Brand which produces beauty brands and it has Ayurvedic value integrated in their products! With My love for clean and local purchase; I brought this home made ubtan for acne-prone skin by Laavanya Luxury Ayurveda.

Talking about ubtan: it has been used since ages for glowing skin and detoxification of the skin and rejuvenating it . The ingredients of this ubtan are kesar ( saffron), Haldi ( turmeric )and Ashwagandha ( Indian Ginseng )Turmeric is widely used as main ingredients for any ubtan. Turmeric helps to treat acne. It is very good herb for healing as it has anti inflammatory properties. Kesar is good for lightning and brightening the skin. Ashwagandha commonly called Indian Gingseng is a medical herb which is rich in antioxidants that protect skin against free radical. his ubtan can be called as herbal mask because it’s infused with beneficial herbs . I used this ubtan as a face mask for 15 minutes and then I removed it by gently scrubbing it . Since it doesn’t contain artificial fragrances, so the smell of this ubtan will be kind of weird to some people.This ubtan does not make the skin feel tight. With the first application; I do see brightening of my skin. But I could not see drastic change in reductions of my overnight acne. Overall, I loved this product. Would definitely like to use other products from this brand.Luxury Ayurveda Ubtan For Glowing Skin

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