Origins Ginzing Moisturizer-Product Review

10:29 AM

Products from Origins are always great - especially their skin care range. I’m almost running out. I’m so much in love with this product- Origins Ginzing Moisturizer.  It’s my third container. For the new stock, they have come up with the new packaging- which is okay. But I love this old packaging. I have no any second preference for moisturizer other than this.  This moisturizer is good for all skin types. But I would highly recommend for oily to combination skin type like mine. The gel consistency of this moisturizer provides moisture to one’s skin without making the skin oily.  On the top, it gives hydration making my skin soft and supple.

I never get tired of praising this moisturizer. I love its main ingredients- that’s Ginzing /Gindeng (I never get the right pronunciation though – hehe).  Ginseng has several skin as well as health benefits. Talking about the skin – it’s rich in antioxidants which helps to eliminate dead skin cells so as to regenerate new skin cells. With the application of Origns-Ginzing Moisturizer, I have seen visible change in improvement of my skin complexion. However, hormonal acne sometimes pop up. All in all – love for this light-weight moisturizer  is immense.

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