Natural Skin Care Routine For Healthy and Glowing Skin

11:03 PM

I’m more into skin care. Although, I love to put makeup on special occasions. Over the years with skin problems- I still do have. I have learned to embrace these problems and tackle it through non-toxic products.

Let’s hop on to my natural skin care routine. As general, my morning skin care routine starts with cleansing of my face. Currently I’m using Dr. Organics Pomegranate Face Wash which is okay not so great. I’m looking for the effective natural cleanser. Recommendations are highly welcomed. Moving on to the toner – I’m using Holy Basil Toner by Mantra. It does its job of calming and toning of the skin. For full review of this product you can check HERE. Now comes the part of eye cream- I apply Origins Ginzing Under Eye Cream. It is great for de-puffing of eye bags. The consistency of the product is somewhat in thicker side so little goes long way.  I don’t have dark circles- so I’m not sure about its claim for dark circle treatment. Moisture ‘O’ Moisture- yes Origins Ginzing Moisturizer is my all-time most loved moisturizer.
I cannot blbber much about it- You can read the full review with this LINK.  And the final morning skincare routine ends up with Derma Sunblock. I have also the full review of this product- HERE.

With the night skin care routine- it’s the same until Ginzing Under Eye Cream .After that I  alternate with US Organic Jojoba Oil with Melissa Facial Oil. I use it based on my skin preference. If my skin is little bit patchy then I use Melissa Facial Oil/ Origins High Potency Night-A Mins Moisturizer. Otherwise if oily , I  use Jojoba Oil.

For Full Review check it here:

Shifting towards non-toxic and natural skincare products was not easy go for me with lots of contemplation and skepticism. It didn’t show instant results but the results are effective and really calming to my skin.  I have learned the lesson of what harsh chemicals has done to my skin. I’m still learning about natural beauty products and have kept on updating it over the years.

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