Don’t Lose your Mind-Lose Your Weight- Book Review


Having Anorexia for almost a decade was a difficult journey for me. It’s been a while (a year). I feel like recovering and results are shown as good immunity power and increased productivity. Eating a balanced diet is key to my energy not the starvation.With my journey of being Anorexic, I have encounter with several life-changing thoughts, experiments and perspectives. And this book “Don’t Lose your Mind-Lose Your Weight –”–Book by Rujuta Diwekar is also one of them.

With the title of the book, initially I was not appealed to read this book- been thinking maybe it will be like focused on calorie counter and only about losing weight. But with the thoughts expressed by Rujuta about nutrition in different interviews of on YouTube, I was convinced to read this book. Rujuta writes in very simplistic way so that it’s easier to understand for everyone. Since, she is an Indian writer, her focus is on Indian readers. However, I being  raised in Indian Sub-continent, I could clearly relate to what she’s trying to portray. She writes about eating balanced diet and big NO to starvation She clears about the myths and misconception about vitamins, protein, minerals, calcium, etc. Not only with what to eat and what not to but also about how to eat is being described in this book. I indeed buy the idea of eating locally grown fruits and vegetables will help to absorb adequate nutrition to the body.  At the same time, it supports the local farmers and local economy. The importance of workouts, work/life balance is superficially being touched in this book. I cannot blabber much, because you guys have to read the book yourself for interesting facts and explanation explained in this book. Overall, this book is a must buy and I love to read over and over again.

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