US Organic Jojoba Oil for Oily and Combination Skin


Until last year, I was really skeptical for using oil in my combination skin. Over the year, I have learned that using the right oil in preference to the skin type, skin conditions and in different seasons can help to rejuvenate and treat skin problem. Had talked about my experience with some of the oils in older posts as well.

Now, let’s get jump in to Jojoba Oil. Jojoba Oil has been known for its moisturizing and hydrating properties. It is  claimed to make skin soft and smooth. And also, good for hair-  helps in controlling hair-fall, dandruff and provide silky and shiny hair. Before using Jojoba Oil, I was using Coconut Oil on my face-mostly from winter until early-summer. With the application of Coconut Oil-  it had provided proper hydration to my skin and especially great to my chapped lips. But as the summer creeped in, I noticed breakouts, greasiness and clogged pores in my face.  Huge source of oil in my T-Zone, and especially my Chin area. My Chin is the most problematic area and possess the perfect environment for the acne to pop-out in summer.

So, I decided not to use the Coconut Oil in my face until the summer ends. But there’s no doubt that I’m definitely going to use it again in Winter. I was in search for Oil that’s good for summer and suitable for my combination skin. With my research on the internet, I found Jojoba oil is good for oily and combination skin type. I found that Jojoba Oil is non-comedogenic, meaning—it  does not makes pores clogged and makes skin breathe. Further Jojoba Oil is good for removing acne-scars and age spots and helps in improving the elasticity of the skin.

 I found this Jojoba Oil by US Organic, and thought to give it a try.
·      This Jojoba oil has 100% Organic Certified ingredients
·      Its Cruelty Free (Oh! Yes, I’m against Animal Testing)
·      Paraben Free

With 2 weeks of application of this product, I’m very much satisfied with this purchase. It worth every penny. It’s moisturizing not greasy leaving my skin feel soft. I usually mix few drops of it with my moisturizer in the morning and apply it all over my face. I love the consistency of this oil, very light and my skin feels good about it. I didn’t experience acne with the application of this Jojoba oil but only proper hydration. I’m still not convinced to put it over my face, whole night because I fear of having pimples. This oil also works great as the leave- in conditioner for my frizzy and brittle monsoon hair. With all the hydration and moisturizing thing going on with US Organic Jojoba Oil, I’m so much happy with its quality and its work. But I could not see the reduced visibility of my acne scars with usage of this oil, maybe it takes time- I don’t know. I don’t mind waiting the result until winter. Fingers crossed!

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