How To Build Your Inner Home | Ebook Review


Hello! Beautiful Souls 
This is the first time that I’m doing a Book review. I have thought about writing the book/ebook review once a month in my blog. And the books I’d be reviewing would basically have the content related to Beauty/ Food /Physical & Mental Wellness. I was looking for the self- help book for my Bed-time reading. I found good reviews on this ebook “How to Build Your Inner Home: Create Your Dream Life From The Inside Out With Easy Exercises For The Mind” by Cornelia Grimsmo. So, without any second thought, I purchased it in my kindle collection.

This book is based on the author experiences on her journey towards knowing her inner self. Based on her experiences, she has portrayed her learning in this book. Several exercises are designed for the readers so as to build up the strong foundation for building the ones inner home and to gain confidence in creating dream of one’s life. Well-written, short and very easy to understand. This book is filled with so much of positive thoughts and happiness. There is not much repetition of information which makes each page interesting to read. Every chapter laid out in step by step process- so that it helps the readers not to lose the track regarding the flow of information which author is trying to illustrate about. I found this book really helpful for me to discover myself. I did every exercise given in this book. For the quick reminder- I go back and forth through this book. Moreover, self-love is what I have learned to be important through this reading. To sum it up, it’s a ***** I  highly recommend it as good book to spend your leisure.

Some of my favorites quotes from this book are:
Time will pass anyway. Either you can spend five years complaining that your life fell apart, or you can spend that same five years building it up again.”

“Self- love is the foundation of your inner home and gratitude is the windows that let the sun in and brightens up everything that is already there.”

“Make your own labels and live through them. You decide who you are and what life you deserve living.”

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