Brighten Up Your Skin with Sandalwood


Masking up the face  is my favorite pamper session. I usually start with a face wash and then gentle scrubbing and here comes the face mask. Since my skin type is combination - so I usually use  -Clay Mask on my T-Zone and Hydrating Mask on the rest of my face. With my summer skin , my T-Zone gets super oily and never ending acne on my chin. So, this pamper week: I decided to use Sandalwood face mask out of Sandalwood Clay Mask Stick. Sandalwood has long- known about its skin benefits such as : brightening skin, anti/ de-tanning properties and my favorite one- treating acne. I found this cylindrical shaped sandalwood mold stick very easy for the application . I just pour few drops of water in this sandalwood stick - applied all over my face and left for 20 minutes to dry. After washing up this face mask, I found my skin to be soft, smooth and bright. It was my first time using of sandalwood face mask. I could see the visible effect with first-time application. I'm definitely going to incorporate in beauty regimen.  

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