Inexpensive But Creative Way To Make Curtain Tie


This Curtain Tie DIY is very easy, inexpensive yet  creative decor. 
I love to recycle the tin cans, I have made several DIY household utilities. 
For this DIY , you need
  •  A  regular tin can 
  • Can Opener
  • A clear adhesive tape
  • Some Spray Paints
  • Nail paints
  • Some bobby-pins
  • A  ribbon 


  • Remove the labels of tin can 
  • Make  a hole  on the other end  of the  can 
  • Wash and dry the tin can
  • Spray the tin can with the colour of your choice ( I chose White)
  • Do the double coating for the better colour texture
  • Let it dry for 30-40 minutes
  • Put a clear adhesive tape on both the ends 
  • I used red nail polish with bobby-pins to make hearts on the can 
  • Finally, I tied ribbon in the middle of the tin can
Yeah, It's ready !!

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