REVIEW | ORIGINS-Make a Difference Plus + Moisturiser

9:32 AM

In Mid-October  last year- I was frequently traveling to different countries with varied  temperatures (12°C- 28 °C). With that rush traveling , I lose my appetite for awhile. I had dry patches in some parts of my face and chronic acne on my left cheek. Moisture balance and getting rid of acne became the major concern where blackheads and whiteheads problem were preexisted. The acne is still a problem for me but I'm recovering. I'll share my acne stories in upcoming days. I was looking for the products free from Paraben and with natural ingredients because my skin had the worse condition. So, I found Make A Difference Plus + Moisturizer from  Origins. This moisturizer is very light in consistency but  it quickly observed into my dull and dry patches. It's gentle to my skin and loved its  subtle smell. Totally worthy purchase. This was my first purchase from Origins and I was really impressed with this product so I have recently purchased other products from Origins. 

I wished it had Spf in it. So, when it ran out last month I opted for other - A Perfect World  Moisturiser by Origins. Will be reviewing that moisturiser as well in upcoming days. 

  • Rejuvenation and Hydration
  • Paraben Free
  • Mineral Oil Free
  • Free from Animal Ingredients 
  • Might be the cost (but it's worthy)
See you in Next Post 
Till Then-Stay Glitzz with Grace!

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