Natural Hair Care Routine For Healthy Hair


Hair Care is one of the important beauty rituals in my life. Over the periods of time, I have been updating my hair care products. Recently, I have started to use the Natural Hair Care Products. And it has shown a pretty good result. 

Hot Hair Oil Massage
I use Extra Virgin Olive oil for hair massage. I pour the olive oil in a bowl and microwave it for 2-3 minutes and apply generously over my scalp and tips of my hair.  And then, massage my hair for about 5-10 minutes. I keep  the oil  for 30- 60 minutes and shampoo my hair. Massaging the hair with oil helps to improve the quality of hair by strengthening the roots of the hair. I massage my hair with oil once a week. Olive oil is very good for moisturizing the hair and preventing  the scalp for dry flakes. You can also try any other oil like- coconut oil, almond oil which also contains various hair care benefits. 

Currently, I'm using Matas Natur Aloe Vera and Vitamin E Shampoo. All the products from Matas Natur are eco-labeled- without paraben, dyes and this shampoo is free from perfume as well. It is a mild shampoo containing Organic AloeVera, which is good for moisturizing the hair. And it also contains Vitamin -E which promotes hair growth. This shampoo is clear in color and very light in texture. It does  a good job in removing away the dirt. It keeps the natural moisture of the hair by not stripping away the natural oil.

For the conditioner, I'm using the same brand Matas Natur. And the product is named as Matas Natur Aloe Vera and Vitamin E Conditioner.  The main ingredients of this conditioner are - Organic Aloe and Vitamin E. This conditioner is in creamy texture, very smooth and best for dry and dull hair!!

Hair Mask
SoapNuts Mask / Reetha Mask
Reetha hair mask cleans impurities in the hair and the scalp. It's best for colored hair like mine. I have written a separate post for Reetha Mask, which you can read in details by clicking Here

Aloe Vera Hair Mask
Sometimes, I also use the aloe extract from Aloe Vera leaves in my hair. And  will keep it for like 20 minutes and wash it with a shampoo.

Hair Serum
Loreal Paris Hair Serum - I put this serum after I've washed and conditioned my hair. It's just like a regular serum - but a bit thick. However, this  hair serum is not the natural one.

These are all about my daily hair care routine. I'm searching for the good Hair Treatment Mask and Hair Serum with natural ingredients and without paraben and perfume.  If you guys have any suggestions, please do let me know in comments.

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