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Visited Louvre Museum on my second-day visit to Paris. If you would like to see my Paris Diary 1, click Here.
The  Louvre Museum was huge and really attractive from inside as well as from outside. You have to spend your whole day, to see everything in the museum. Due to limited availability of time, I managed to go around the museum for 3 hours. 

I was so much love with the ceilings; I didn't know why??? Beautifully decorated with gold details, sculptures and lovely piece of paintings.

The center of the attraction in the museum is the painting of Mona Lisa. The place was too much crowded, Lucky enough to get her glance and take a selfie with her. Selfie, the viral disease :D. My other concern was to see the paintings of  Napoleon Bonaparte in different historical series. Overall, the visit to the museum was worth it. 

Hope you guys liked this post! 
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  1. Lovely pictures
    I love paris

  2. Nice outfit! I hope you had great time in Paris. I'm learning French this period and I wanna go to Paris very much!

    I became a member on your blog :)
    www.beautyydust.blogspot.gr ♥

  3. the pictures are really great,such an awesome place
    You look great too