Rose Water Benefits to Skin


Rose one of the beautiful flower and with multipurpose uses. It has been used since centuries, as essential oil, perfume, medicines and rose water. Rose water has also multi-usages and its very good for skin. It contains vitamin C which protects skin for getting damage and works great on sun burns. It also has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients that is good for acne-prone skin and also prevent skin infection from acne called rosecea. 

I have been using rose water since I was in my secondary school- almost 10 years back. I used to use as supplement for my clay mask and some times I used in cleansing milk to clean my face. But these days, I have also been using it everyday twice, before my day and night cream. In that sense, I am using rose water as a toner. Since, most of the toner available in the market are alcohol based which is best for acne-prone skin for tightening pores but it makes your skin super dry. However, unlike the alcohol based toner, the rose water not only tones, tightens your pores but also moisturises and make your skin soft and soft and does not dries out your skin. As I have already mentioned on how do I use the rose water in my skin  but I would like to share other method : you can dip rose water in tissue paper and divide into small pieces and place it over your place it for 10minutes. After it remove from your face, it acts as quick fix face mask.  You will feel your skin to be rejuvenate and soft. GoodLuck with this procedure, it will not disappoint you.

Various brands of rose water are available in the market. Mine favourite is Darbur Gulabari Rose Water. It is available in normal bottle container and spray container as well. Darbur Gulabari is a Indian brand and I think its Rose water is one of its best products. If its not available in your local drugstore,then you can purchase from ebay and amazon.


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  1. This is such a good post! I used to use a rose water toner and it worked wonders for my skin... Your post has definitely made me want to try rose water again!

    Charlotte xx

  2. I love rosewater too. I currently have 3 different ones: one from Whole Foods, one that is from a handmade/artisanal US brand called Holiskin, and my favorite that's the most fragrant one from InstaNatural Morrocan Rosewater

  3. This is a very interesting product :) thanks for the comment on my blog, i follow you!

  4. Great post, I also use rose water but as a spritzer to set my makeup. Thank you for leaving a lovely comment.xoxo

  5. I love rose water..always makes my skin feel so much smoother

    Hope you can follow me back :)

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