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Lumbini is famous due to its historical importance. And I feel super blessed to be born in the country where Buddha was born. These are the pictures that I took more than 2 years ago, during the field trip in my undergraduate studies. This place is huge with various temples and stupas built by national and international pilgrims. In this place, you can see the remnants  of  older buildings  from many years ago. Visiting Lumbini- you have to have  lots of patience and energy as well (hahahha..) as there are numerous beautiful temples and monasteries to encounter. Plus  you should have enough time  to explore because there is much more to see in Lumbini than you have expected. Because we ( me and my friends) had the similar experience, we did not have time to go all way around, it is indeed huge. Make sure to rent the car , bicycle or even rickshaw because it would be helpful for consuming less time. 

Buddhist  Prayer flags called: Lungdaar

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