A Day at Frilandsmuseet


Frilandsmuseet is an Open Air Museum which is located in Lyngby, Denmark. It is established in 1897 and is considered as one of the world oldest and largest open-air museum.

What can you see?
In this museum, you can see numerous buildings (more than 100) with rural setting which shows the living condition of people who lived back in 1650-1950 in Denmark.  There are some  farms, work stations, water mill and wind mills in this location.

This museum is very interesting to watch and few distance away from Copenhagen. It is very informative and one could imagine how was the rural environment back in that time. The surrounding  around the museum is peaceful and lots of greenery everywhere. I loved those houses and stone paved roads. And I did wonder to see a different breed of horse, you can see me clicking snap with it in earlier picture. Since, this museum is in big area (40 hectares ), you can spend your entire day here. You can also organise the picnic programme with your friends and family here because there is separate place made for picnic. And one thing you should know the entrance is FREE and I love FREE goodies.

Hope you guys loved this post!

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  2. What a beautiful place