A Thousand Splendid Suns


I have no idea, from where to start …
It was last year's June, I was on my way to main street (New Road) of Kathmandu; suddenly my eyes fell on this book which was sold on the street. I just go through the synopsis and was ready to invest my few sum which I had allocated for other purpose-crazy though. Later after five days of its completion, there was no regrets , however I was encouraged to read  "THE KITE RUNNER”, the other famous literature by Khaled Hosseini.
The orthodox doctrine of Afghan along with the waves of violence is well exhibited through this novel. Mariam, being the lady of earlier generation being dominated by her husband ‘Rasheed” who is half-age older than her. She was forced to be married as being illegitimate daughter of rich man after her mother dies. She has to live in the will of her husband with existence of fear. Her living, what to say.. life in a corpse with frequent domestic voilence. ” Like a compass needle that always points north, a man’s accusing finger always finds a woman”. The insight in her husband is : He is right because he is Man.
Later, comes Laila a girl from well-educated family and she has freedom to education and everything as a human being. But due to terriost attacks, she has to lose her family and subsequently, she had no choice and marry Rasheed  although she could never forget her sweet-heart Tariq. At the initial setting it has shown the conflict between Mariam and Laila but later their bond of friendship grows . It grows so well that both are always each other’s side and against Rasheed.
The terror and the glance of living in Afghanistan is well portrayed by the author. I have no words to say more about it- just read it and let me know your views.

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