Memories of West Sikkim


This time,  Got a chance to visit some of the places of West Sikkim; the hidden treasure behind those green hills. It was worth to spend my vacation rather than to sleep or to watch a TV. The three day trip along with the earlier three in Jhapa was memorable. Me and my sister travelled these places with Aunt; our Mom's Friend.  We are  thankful to her family and relatives for their warm hospitality throughout the trip. Several hours of ride from Kakarbhitta and hours of traffic jam was somewhat boring especially in the place called Chitraye. Despite of those narrow roads and a  mineral foundation free of cost (I mean dust…); I however managed to enjoy the ride by seeing the flowing of Teesta river and the troop of monkeys sitting by the sides of highway. The ride became more interesting when the twilight started to creep…All those hundreds of lights over the hills looked marvelous. And the moon looked so closer as if it was at the top of the hill. Due to the tight schedule we were not able to visit too many places. Among those limited places we’d visited; I loved the Rabdentse site, where there was the ruin of Rabdentse Palace and a epic tale of that place was interesting to listen. A walk for around 1.5km from down to top was worth enough to see the magnificence of those remnants. In spite of the short stay in that place; I never ever can erase the memories I'd recollected from these places.


Om Mani Padme Hum


Back Side of Pemayangtse Monastery

Front Side of Pemayangtse Monastery

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