“Lajja- Shame”- Taslima Nasrin


“Let Another Name for Religion be Humanism” - Taslima Nasrin


Lajja written by Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasrin; a disputed novel that depicts the religious extremism and cold-hearted nature of human race. The writer has dedicated this book to the people of the Indian subcontinent. Although, Bangladesh being a neighbouring country to Nepal; I was unaware of the fact of religious conflict (Hindu- Muslim) in Bangladesh. For this I consider myself as ignorant youth . And for the enlightenment of this detail I would like to thank a friend who have lend me this book.

The plot of this novel starts with the event of demolition of Babri Masjid in Ayodhya, India by Hindu fundamentalists. And this event had subsequent effect on Bangladesh where majority of Muslim population lives. Huge destruction was done against the Hindus living in the country. Numerous temples were destructed, shops run by Hindus were looted and daughters from Hindu family were kidnapped and raped by Muslims mob. This novel portrays the fictional story of one Hindu family permanently residing in Bangladesh from earlier generations. The immense pain and the torture being terrorized by Muslim extremist have been illustrated. The writer strongly supports the notion of humankind- the freedom to live despite of belonging to any caste, religion and gender. I find writer as daring person as she has written on such a debatable issue without any sign of fear. For this writing she has been penalized to be exiled from her own homeland. Overall, this book is a piece of contribution to mankind stating that there is only one caste/religion/ race/ gender i.e. “HUMANITY”

" Love for one's country does not vary in degree from one person to person nor is it distinguished by caste or religion"

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